The Law and Disability

People’s attitude to the world of the disabled is changing rapidly. This is perhaps due to a greater understanding of the disability movement or the impact that people with disabilities make when they display their skills. All this has led to the disabled community being looked at with respect rather than with pity. It has… [ Continue Reading ]

The Disability Census 2001 – A Battle Won?

For India, the year 2001 is synonymous with a mind-boggling exercise called the Census. It literally means taking a head count of the number of people there are in the country. Done every 10 years, the arrangements for this are made on a war footing by the Government of India. The 14th National Census commenced… [ Continue Reading ]

FAQs on Special Needs

All handicapped people are retarded. Intelligence is only affected if a person is mentally retarded or gifted. Mental retardation can range from mild to severe. The diagnosis is based on the IQ levels and functional development level. Gifted people are those who have above normal IQ. Other than these two conditions, other disabilities do not… [ Continue Reading ]

Are the Blind a Resource or a Liability?

Affected since childhood, Abraham made a habit of excelling in everything he did, be it state-level athletics in a “normal” school, college at the prestigious St Stephen’s, a productive career with advertising giants Ogilvy and Mather, or the organisation of the first ever World Cup Cricket for the Blind, in 1998. He is the recipient… [ Continue Reading ]