Can a chubby-looking child be undernourished?

Ameya’s parents were shocked. The doctor attributed the plump 12-year-old’s lack of concentration and attentiveness to malnutrition. How could a chubby-looking child from an upper class family be undernourished, they wondered? Obviously Ameya’s parents have mistaken their obese child to be healthy. And obese child usually grows up to become an obese adult. What are… [ Continue Reading ]

Wiser by the Day

With quiz shows like Kaun Banega Karorepati riding high on the popularity wave in India, ‘general knowledge’ or the quest to amass trivia in the mind has suddenly become fashionable among children and adults alike. It goes without saying that a child or an adult must be encouraged to explore the world around. For parents… [ Continue Reading ]

What if older child feels threatened by the arrival of a new baby?

The parents of five-year-old Amisha noticed an aloofness in her behaviour when her mother gave her the news of a new baby on the way. When asked about it, she replied, “Now my parents will not be mine alone, but somebody else’s as well”. The elder child’s psychology It is quite natural for a child… [ Continue Reading ]