What to do when a child is in Shock

A reaction to any severe injury, shock is a life threatening state of collapse when blood pressure falls dangerously low. The brain has overall control of all bodily functions, including the heart and lungs. Its functioning is dependent on an adequate supply of sufficiently oxygenated blood. In the case of a shock, blood supply to… [ Continue Reading ]

Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever looks a lot like dengue haemorrhagic fever and is transmitted by Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes. It also affects monkeys and other vertebrates and is caused by a virus called Flavivirus Fibricus. A patient suffering from yellow fever remains infective during the first three to four days of illness and a mosquito becomes infective after… [ Continue Reading ]

Poisoning in children: Response & Precaution

Poisoning is one of the most common emergencies in children. If you think your child has had something poisonous, the faster you treat it, the better. The longer it stays in your child’s stomach, the more of it will find its way into his blood stream. Your child’s symptoms will depend on the kind of… [ Continue Reading ]