Violent Video Games: Do they desensitise young minds to violence?

Violence in the media sometimes begs for imitation in real life because it is demonstrated as fun and as an effective way to get what you want. Many violent acts are perpetrated by the “good guy” whom children have been taught to emulate. A video game has an added attraction – it frees you from… [ Continue Reading ]

Answering children’s questions should be every adult’s agenda

Why, asked the Little Bear. Because… answered Papa Bear. Answering the little one’s questions should be an important part of every adult’s agenda. For, that is the only way he can learn. All children have two wonderful resources for learning – imagination and curiosity. As a parent, you can make your child aware of the… [ Continue Reading ]

Battling with the Idiot Box

When seven-year-old Rohit returns from school, his mother gears up for a battle. The “battle” concerns his television viewing habit. Rohit wants to watch his favourite cartoon show whereas his mother insists that he go out and play in the park for a while. Such situations are very common and occur in every home. With… [ Continue Reading ]

Little Adults beat Wrestlers

I was working on a story on the impact of television wrestling shows on child viewers. I checked out related articles on the Web, read up the chapter on ‘The World of Wrestling’ in Roland Barthes’ Mythologies, instructed the graphic artist for an illustration and almost had the introduction ready. Until I spoke to a… [ Continue Reading ]