Week 17 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Calendar: You are now 17 weeks pregnant

17 weeks old fetus (baby)

Week 17 of fetal development

Your heart has increased its output roughly by 40 per cent to meet the demands of your baby. Your uterus is now between 4-5 cm below your naval.

Your baby

Both placenta and your baby are growing at an incredible pace. The major step for your baby this week is the deposition of brown fat. This is a special type of fat that will play a big role in heat generation later on in the baby’s life.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Eat a well balanced diet as the baby is sucking all the nutrients from you to grow fast.
  • Take your iron, calcium and vitamin supplements regularly.
  • Go for regular antenatal check-ups.
  • Do light exercises and yoga for relaxation.

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