Week 15 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Calendar: You are now 15 weeks pregnant

15 weeks old fetus (baby)

Week 15 of fetal development

Time to think about maternity clothes as your tummy starts bulging out gradually. Eat well and enjoy as this is the tension-free time of pregnancy.

Your baby

Your baby is becoming more mobile and flexible. The hair grows and the arms can now bend at the wrist and elbow. Bone and marrow development continues.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Go for regular ante-natal check up. A record of your weight, blood pressure, size of pregnancy, blood and urine investigations and ultrasound scan is important at the beginning.
  • Improve your posture to avoid backache, keep your back straight.
  • Start taking your Iron, calcium and vitamin supplements regularly.
  • Avoid bending down to do things.
  • Eat well and drink enough fluid.
  • Do light exercise.

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