Home Remedies From the Kitchen Shelf

Home Remedies From the Kitchen Shelf

Home Remedies From the Kitchen Shelf

Ginger doses

  • External application of half a teaspoon of dry ginger powder with hot water over eyebrows and forehead gives relief in headache.
  • One teaspoon of crushed fresh ginger rhizome juice with one teaspoon honey, thrice daily, for seven days, gives relief in bronchial asthma, corzya, and congestion.
  • To cure indigestion, take one teaspoon of ginger juice with one teaspoon of lemon juice and a pinch of salt twice daily after food, for seven days.
  • Jaggery mixed with ginger juice if taken in the morning for a week, is known to be good for people suffering from jaundice.
  • Ginger with salt before food stimulates digestion.
  • Take one teaspoon powder of amla, ginger, and black pepper – all three in equal quantities in hot water or butter milk before food daily, for two to three days, to cure indigestion.
  • Pouring warm ginger juice mixed with jaggery along with oil honey and rock salt into the ear gives relief during earache.13_2.gif
    For oedema, disease of throat and mouth, bronchial asthma, cough, anorexia, chronic fever, piles and other diseases caused by congestion, take jaggery mixed with ginger in a dose of 10 gm increasing per day up to 120 gm for about a month.

Garlic wonders

  • Crushed garlic cloves mixed with little ghee and honey is prescribed for good health and longevity.
  • Garlic paste mixed with til oil and rock salt helps in case of lockjaw.
  • To alleviate malaria fever, cardiac disorder, sciatica, abscess and oedema, take dehusked and dried garlic milk.
  • Regular intake of garlic and onion promotes lactation.
  • Applications of garlic paste on open wounds kill microbes.
  • Ten to 30 drops of garlic juice with buttermilk helps in getting rid of roundworms.
Mango magic

Mango magic

Mango magic

  • The mango seed that has been preserved in water is recommended for diarrhoea and dysentery. Grind the mango seed with a little jeera (cumin seed). Take it with water or milk or water.


Black pepper for grim days

  • Put two peppercorns in a betal leaf and slowly chew and swallow its juice. It’s great for cough and cold. Twice a day will do.
  • Mix pepper powder with water to form a paste and apply locally to get rid of boils.
  • In case of toothache gargle with a decoction of pepper for three to four days.


For a runny tummy

  • Every part of the pomegranate tree (rind of the fruit, the whole fruit, flowers, leaves, root and bark) is good for diarrhoea and dysentery. The rind, flower and bark can be taken as decoction.
  • Another good medicine is a decoction of garlic and omum seeds (ajwain) consisting of 10 gm each. This is especially good for children and can be made tastier by adding a little nutmeg and honey.
  • A paste of very tender tamarind is good for diarrhoea too.
  • Powder of well-roasted rice in sour curd or buttermilk is good for preventing diarrhoea.
  • One teaspoon of dried and powdered raw banana in curd is good for treating diarrhoea.


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