Week 22 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Calendar: You are now 22 weeks pregnant

22 weeks old fetus (baby)

Week 22 of fetal development

As your blood volume is increasing, you may develop physiological anaemia (Hb% may go down due to blood dilution). You must check with your doctor that you are getting enough iron to avoid more serious anaemia. Your normal Hb per cent should be between 12-14 gm%.

Your baby

The baby’s senses and awareness are increasing daily. Touch is one of the first senses to mature and your baby is using it to learn about her body and the surrounding. By now your baby has almost fully grown fingernails. Baby frequently touches and stroke her face.

Dos and Don’ts

  • This is the time for late abortion. So lead a regular normal life style.
  • Don’t do strenuous physical activities.
  • Eat and drink well.Prepare your breasts for breast-feeding. If your nipples are not protruded enough, then try to pull your nipples gently through out pregnancy or breast shells can be worn inside the bra.

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