Alternative Medicine for Pregnancy Related Ailments

Vomiting in pregnancy

  • Powder 3-4 cloves and soak in a glass of water for half an hour. Strain and drink this water as and when required. This is not harmful and has no side effects.
  • One glass of lime juice with a pinch of cardamon powder (if available) given as and when required. This is not harmful.
    Pregnancy Related Ailments

    Pregnancy Related Ailments [Illustration by Shinod AP]

Swelling of feet during pregnancy

    In case of swelling of feet during pregnancy, go for medical check-up. Follow the doctor’s advice. You can also do the following to reduce swelling:
  • Boil 1 teaspoon of palm sugar and 2 teaspoons of fennel (Hindi: Saunf) together in a glass of water until it is reduced to one half glass. Strain and drink three times a day till the swelling disappears.
  • Take a handful of coriander seeds and boil in a glass of water until it is reduced to half a glass. Give it twice a day for 3 days.
  • Sometimes decoction made from corn silk (the tassels of silk from the ear of maize) can help in reducing swelling of the feet. Boil a large handful of corn silk in a glass of water. Drink 1-2 glasses. This is not dangerous.

False labour pains

  • Boil a handful of drumstick leaves with 2 teaspoons of coriander seeds (Hindi: Sukha Dhania; Tamil: Kotthamalli). Take about one glass. If the contractions are false, the pain will disappear.
  • Powder the bark of cinnamon (Dalchini) and take half a teaspoonful with water or milk as and when required. If the pain persists, consult a health worker or go to a hospital.Adapted for India by: The Voluntary Health Association of India by Dr. C. Sathyamala. Revised and updated by Padam Khanna with Dr. Stella, M.P. Mansukhani and Dr. Salai Pa Cin

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