Can a chubby-looking child be undernourished?

Ameya’s parents were shocked. The doctor attributed the plump 12-year-old’s lack of concentration and attentiveness to malnutrition. How could a chubby-looking child from an upper class family be undernourished, they wondered? Obviously Ameya’s parents have mistaken their obese child to be healthy. And obese child usually grows up to become an obese adult. What are… [ Continue Reading ]

Pattern recognition helps babies develop language skills

It sometimes seems amazing how infants pick up the threads of human language. Do you wonder how infants form their own patterns of speech? According to a report in the Hindu newspaper, babies have an innate ability to track the patterns with which sounds or syllables appear together in adult speech. The report, which is… [ Continue Reading ]

The Development of your Baby- Part II

Physical development Your child’s growth rate reduces in the second year of life. Don’t get worried if her appetite also declines. She must have started walking by the first year, though this is not a hard and fast rule. Highly active, fearless infants tend to walk earlier; less active, more timid infants and those preoccupied… [ Continue Reading ]

A ‘Mela’ theme party for the kids

Theme: Mela Mention a village ‘mela’ or fair and see the glint in children’s eyes! After all, there is so much excitement about visiting different stalls, taking a ride on camels and horses and, of course, eating mouthwatering food. So why not create a mela ambience for the next children’s party, provided you have access… [ Continue Reading ]