Gifts ideas for babies

Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts (Illustrations by Jaykrit Singh Negi)

Infancy is a stage when the child is very sensitive to the external environment and the objects in it. Their physical growth and motor skills are rapid and their comprehension and speech is also developing. Thus while choosing a gift for a child in the age group of zero to two, you can keep these parameters in mind and select your gift items.

Here we have a couple of items listed for you along with a few tips that you should keep in mind while purchasing a commodity.

      • Baby spreads, blankets quilts, pillows and nets.Take care that the blankets and quilts are soft and the edges are round. If there is lace, then check its texture. It should be very soft or else the child might get a rash. Pillow should be soft and flat.
      • Walker, Prams, strollers, rockers and crib.While choosing a crib or a walker, go for rounded smooth edges and make sure it is stable. A walker will facilitate the child to walk independently.Prams should have a belt. It should be easily portable so that it can be folded and easily carried.
Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts (Illustrations by Jaykrit Singh Negi)

      • Toys: Rattles, Teethers, Squeakers, big colourful balls, soft toys and pull along toys.These attract the attention of a child and they love to play with them so care must be taken that they should not have pointed edges. They should be of unbreakable and non-toxic material. Teethers should be soft and flexible. Teethers help the child in teething. Balls help in increasing the coordination of the limbs.
      • Towel setsThe towels should be able to absorb moisture thoroughly and should be soft.
Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts (Illustrations by Jaykrit Singh Negi)

    • Toilet kits: Baby oil, lotion, shampoo, powder, soap, liquid soap, cream and hair brush.
    • Swings and baby carriersThe seat should be comfortable to the child and should have smooth rounded edges. Make sure that the belt has proper clasps.
    • ClothesClothes should be easy to put on and take off. Items with clasps and buttons are preferable. Avoid items like polo necks, which you have to pull down the child’s head. The material should not be irritating to the skin.
    • Plastic eating plates with inbuilt bowls, which have pictures on them.
Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts (Illustrations by Jaykrit Singh Negi)

  • Inflated tubs
  • High chairGeneral Tips:
  • Always keep in mind the age of the child while selecting gift items.
  • Books can be given to children of any age group starting from two-year-olds but the level of complexity varies which is what needs to be taken care of.
  • Choose gifts intelligently. A gift should be of some use to the child.These are a few items that we can suggest to you but remember all the tips while buying them. A gift should add value and be enjoyable for a child.

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